You inspired me to think about sex and talking with your children about this differently. Specifically, your comment on it's a matter of health and safety hit home.

-Onti R.

Web Resources for Parents

Child + Teen Sexuality Information

Stats, tips, info, products + help! The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Stats, surveys, etc. about teens sexuality.

So Sexy, So Soon Blog—Diane Levin posts about sexualized childhood and what we can do about it.

Scarlet Teen Sexuality info for young (and middle-aged and old) adults.

Autistic/Aspergers Kids—Sex Education for Kids and Teens with Autism and Asperger's: A Conversation with Sarah Attwood

Dot Girl's First Period Kit—The perfect gift for the pre-menstrual girl!

Gender +  Children—Does your girl want to be a boy? Here's some great help.

Sexual Orientation + Gender — Wondering if your child is gay, lesbian, transgendered or questioning?

Make Love Not Porn — Great comparison between porn and reality.

Jo Langford, MA — Boy sexuality expert.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Info, education + support

Savvy Parents Safe Kids—Sexual abuse and abduction prevention tips and classes

Harborview Center For Sexual Assault And Traumatic Stress

Stop it Now: The campaign to prevent child sex abuse

KidSafe Foundation

General Parenting Help

Parenting is not intuitive! Help abounds!

Positive Parenting Solutions—Parenting made easier. Seriously.

Encouraging Solutions—General parenting advice, classes and help

Margit Crane — Gifted Teens, Gifted Parents, kids with ADD.

Priceless Parenting—Great online parenting classes

Other on-line resources:

The Next Family — Great site for same sex parent families.

Qustodio — Great internet monitoring software for every device.
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